Welcome to Year 1


The move from Reception to Year 1 can be a big change for some children. We continue to follow aspects of the EFY curriculum. This eases the transition for the children and slowly build up to a more structure Year 1 timetable.

Within Year 1, we try to develop your child’s independence by ensuring they are organising themselves in the morning; putting coats on pegs, book bag in trays and recording records and homework placed in the correct places.
Also, by ensuring they can dress themselves for PE. Remember to have your child’s PE kit in School all week; the PE days are Mondays and Thursdays. As a school, we recommend that PE kits should remain in school until Half Term. Please, ensure your child’s name is clearly labelled in all their School uniform and PE kit.

Reading books and records put return to school every day as we do guided reading every morning. As a school, we encourage that you try and read to your children at least twice a week and write it in their record so we know where they are up to or if they finished the book and then needs changing.

Homework is given out every Friday and needs to be returned by Wednesday. We select 3 children from each class, each week, for star homework.

This term we will be focusing on reading, writing and ordering numbers in 1’s to up 50. To say the number that is one more and one less than any number up to 50. The children will also begin to learn number bonds of 4, 5, 6 and 10. Also, the children will be introduced to different songs and rhyme to support their learning in Maths.

This term we will explore different stories with similar settings; they will be identifying and describing the characters and settings from a range of stories. Also, they will begin to start sequencing and retelling different stories.

(link to common exception words) T-L-5468-Common-Exception-Words-Assessment-Year-1_ver_3.pdf



In Autumn 1, we will be looking at animals including humans, looking at naming the body parts and our five senses. They will also look at how humans grow and change. Science is developed through a range of practical activities for the children to gain more of an understanding.


The topic for this term is Dinosaurs; we will be using friction and non-friction books to explore this topic. The children will learn how and when the Dinosaurs roamed the Earth and discuss how they became extinct. This topic also reflects our role-play area for this term.


We will be focussing on the question ‘Who are Christians and what do they believe?’

All the children from Year 1 to Year 6 will be visiting St Mary’s Church to celebrate the Harvest Festival.

Thank you for all your support

Mrs Rafferty, Miss Hope, Miss Machin and Mrs Hoof. The year 1 team.


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