Safe squad trip by Ellie 6L

Last Tuesday ,3rd October, year 6 went to Safe squad in Hyde. There ways different activities going on at the same time like learning how to do CPR,learning about what can cause fires in houses and different scenarios,including shoplifting, starting a new school and getting in with the wrong crowd of people and bullying people who are different. But before all this, we got put into two different groups red and green.

First we did what to do if there’s a fire in your house, but your upstairs and the fires outside your room. You should never throw your mattress outside for a safe landing, you should put a quilt or a sheet under your door so then the fire can’t get in. Then you should put pillows outside and try and dangle yourself so you can save your fall. After this we went staight to doing CPR and learning how to do it. But first we got taught what to do if you ever do come across someone who is unconscious. First you should look for any dangers, if it is clear still ring 999,then you can get closer to the person and see if their airway is clear if it is then you may do CPR. As soon as that finished we watched some scenarios and learnt what to do if you did see a burglary or someone being bullied. The first scenario was a burglary when a teen came out of the shop with sweets that he stolen, the second one was a kid starting a new school and going in with the wrong crowd and the last one was a goth being bullied  because of how he looked. The last part of the trip was learning about internet safety.

By Ellie 6L

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