Safe squad by Emma 6L

Last Tuesday 3rd October year 6 went to safe squad in Hyde and we all enjoyed it so much . We got separated into two groups ,red and green,and they where the groups which we had to stay in all morning. First red group (the group that I was in) when to look and learn about how to keep safe at home. Such as : if you had to escape out of your bedroom window do not throw your mattress out of your window because it might get stuck in your window so that means there is no other escape route and it will take up more time and 3 breathes of the smoke and you on the floor collapsed so just throw a pillow out of your window instead . Then we went to do CPR this was my favourite activity. In CPR we to be tend that we had to save someone’s life by doing CPR on dummies , if you was doing it right the dummy would make clicking noise (but normally the person would not make clicking noise.) Next we watched people acting out some scences which the police where involved and we had to tell the police what was going on . After that , we watched some clips about how to keep sate on the internet and we also watched a clip about Megan’s story where she took an inappropriate picture and then sent it to her crush then he sent it to a friend then after it got all the way round to her dad he got really anger so they had to move out of the town.That is what at  are safe squad trip in Hyde . By Emma 


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