Safe Squad trip by Melody 6L

Last Tuesday, year 6 went on a school trip to Safe Squad.They taught us all about online safety,being safe outside,learning what do do if someone collapses learning what do do if there is a fire,and learning what to do if someone shows anti-social behaviour or abuses you.In our group we went to the fire room first and a man asked us what in the room could cause a fire,there was quite a lot , a candle on the tv, an torch on the tv, a broken lightbulb still in use , water next to a computer and many more,then he asked us how is the easiest way to get out of the house if there is a fire and he told us that we should never throw our mattress out the window because it could unfold and block the window so you can get out. Next wen went to the CPR room where a man showed us how to do CPR then he asked us to stand behind a manakin and do CPR on it and let me tell you,never pair up with Freya and Emma . Next we went to my favourite part,we were told some things by some police officers and then they showed us the first scenario and is was about a man that robbed a shop,it was quite funny and he gave me a sweet to try and cover up the truth but then he said something really nasty about the shopkeepers then they showed us the next scenario, the same man was bullying his teacher calling him names and making fun of him,then they showed us the final scenario , the boy asked the woman if he could go to her house and she told him she had lost her key so he said that they should go and jump in the resivwa but she said no so the boy said call the police and they would break the door open but they were just prank calling them. It was a very good trip and I would love to go again .

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