The Romans and Celts

The Romans came from Rome a city in Italy. To be in the Roman army you had to be prepared for hard work, not a lot of food and be able to march up to 19 miles a day carrying heavy armour and weapons.  There were two groups in the Roman army , Auxilliary and Legionary, if you was a Legionary you were better looked after with better pay and more food than the Auxilliaries who had less pay for more work and often went hungry.


The Romans led by Julius Caeser came to Britain nearly 2000 years ago and changed Britain forever, it took nearly 4 years for the Roman invaders to finally gain control of Southern England, the Celts put up a good fight protecting Britain, different tribes ruled by Kings or Chiefs lead there warriors into battle in chariots pulled by horses against the Romans. The battles were long and fierce and lots of Celts and Romans were killed.


I can’t wait to learn more about the Romans and Celts.


Jessica Clegg 4M

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