Safe squad visit by Anais 6L

Last Tuesday 3rd October year 6 went to safe squad.We learnt lots of diffrent things on how to
stay safe.My favourite thing was when they were doing the acting I learnt how to stay safe 
when your near water.I also learnt to never waste police time.Also, learnt how to do
cpr and how to do it. We went into a pretend bedroom and we had to think on what could start a fire and if a fire ever does happen how we would get out,it takes 3 minutes to a fire to spread and 
burn all the plastering down, don't ever throw your mattress out your window because the smoke you could breath it in and 3 puffs you will die and also don't pack a bag because that will take long as well because your thinking about your bag instead of the fire and it could also go through your door in 3 minutes.Next,we went into another room they told us how to stay safe on 
the internet and social media,they showed us a video on a girl Meghan she didn't stay safe on the 
internet,she sent an inappropriate picture and her and her family had to move house,they told us to have private accounts because anybody could follow you even people you don't know.And 
thats what are safe squad trip was like.

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