Lion and the Unicorn

“Wait Ella,it isn’t safe out there!”cried Mum.  “You can’t run out there like that it’s to danarous out there.”scolded Ella. “I know,I know but there are thousands of soldiers out there,there’s even your friend Joe out there.” explained Ella.Mum sighed, so Mum opened the window and the enimeis up ubove threw bombs down BOOM,BANG they went. Mum cried “GET DOWN ELLA NOW!” “What’s happining ?”Ella said confuesdly . ” We’re being bombed.”Mum shouted “But why us .”she said.Mum sat under the window blanking Ella.

Mum said sadly “Every one get’s bombed in France .” “But why us?” Whined Ella.Mum said “Bad people do it to other people that are good, because they are jealous about good people.”

Bluebelle 4M

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