Simba the lion by Samuel 6L

Once upon a time there was a lion called Simba born in Africa his dad was the king of the animals and his name was mufasa.There was a mouse running around in a cave then a lion-scar-captured it and tried to eat it when the bird came.

“has your mum never told you to not eat a mouse,”said the bird.

Then  scar swallowed the bird and out of nowhere mufasa said STOP.

“spit him out!”said mufasa.

Then scar spit the bird out and the bird followed mufasa to the lion cave.

In the morning Sumba woke up earlier than any animal in Africa.

“wake up mum and dad it’s morning,”whispered Simba.

Then Simba woke up his friend a lion of course and it was his best friend and it was the only small girl cub.Simba woke her up but she didn’t wake up.

At Scar’s den he was busy looking for another mouse but there was no mouse it was almost like he was the mouse.Simba went inside  Scar’s den Scar was his uncle but no one really liked Scar.Then Scar was talking to Simba about his dad’s past then Simba went home.There were all the lions awake the Simba asked his mum whether he and his friend could go out to play.

“Under one condition the bird must go with you,”explained Simbas mum.

“NO HE CANT GO WITH US,”said Simba

Now they were going to the jungle but then they meet animals and produced a song.Rolling down simba was near a Namath’s skull then he said hello then three hyenas cane out.Each one had there personality the girl hyena liked to be bossy the second one liked to be bossy to and the third one just listened to them.Then they started to chase simba and his friend and the bird around there gigantic colossal cave then the bird flew away.Still running Simba and his friend they came to a dead end when all of a sudden There was a roar.It was a rush of Lightning attacking the hyenas with a claw as big as a drahon Mufasa came to the rescue Them.Them Scar kills his brother Mufasa and they say Simba killed him They said simba should never retur.Simba was on a dessert island the a pig and a little creature help him and this was thier sing.

Hakuna  matata what a Wonderful Phrase  Hakuma matata  ain’t no passim craze it mean no worries for the rest of your days it’s our problem free philosophy  Hakuna matata.Hakuna matata? Yeah it’s our motto what’s a motto?Nothin what’s the matter with you those 2 words will solve all your problems that’s right take a pumbaa  here why.When he was a you warthog  when I was a young warthog bey nice thanks  he found his aroma lacked a certain appeal he could clear the  savanna after every meal  I’m a sensitive soul though I seem thick skinned and it hurt that my friend never stood down wind.And oh they shame he was ashamed though of changin my name?And I got down hearted  how did ya feel every time that I hearted hey pumbaa not in font of the kids  oh sorry  Hakuna matata  what a wonderful phrase Hakuna matata ain’t no passin  craze  it means no worries for the rest of your days  sing it kid!its our problem free  philosophy Hakuna matata it mean no worries  for the rest of your days  it’s our problem free philosophy  Hakuna matata  Hakuna matata  Hakuna matata  i say Hakuna  I say matata  Hakuna matata.

Then they faught all of the hyenas then  Scar said Simba is a murderer because he murdered his dad but Scar Lied.Then there was a lightning which caused a bunch of fire and Simba and Scar were fighting the Simba said murderer to Scar and let him fall into the fire and this was the end of Scar then  Simba became the lion king and got a cub.


By Samuel  6L

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