Poppies poppies buy them all show the world we respect the war.

Out  in the fields where they grew so tall there  lay soldiers from World War One.

People cried when their loved one died. They tried so hard but they didn’t survive.

Poppy poppy what do you tell?

Many soldiers in  battle Fell?

In Flanders fields the poppies blow over are love ones .

East west  wherever  they fight for who they are .

So rember  rember the 11 November of the 11 hour of the 11 moth .

A poem about war from Layla 5T

One morning  on the 11 of  the 11 of November  people came out the shelter to silence the war was over it was  the 11 day and the 11 hour and everyone cryed .It was foggy and they fought we lost and the Germans won.. Wait a second there they were a couple of wife’s was standing there heartbroken because some husband didn’t survive but because those people the world wouldn’t be like this  right now.

remember we are Britain we stand strong together we make our own choices…

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