Tudors by Rija 5T (homework)

Henrys six wives

Henry married six wives.Henry wanted a son ,so when he died , his son could become king.But he was in luck,the third wife he married after Anne Boleyn was named Jane Seymour.She was the only wife who gave birth to a son . Sadly, nine days later ,she died.Her sons name was Edward.But after a few days , they called him Prince Edward the VI.But as days went , Edward died only at the age of 19, so he could never become king.He had two older sisters named Mary and Elizabeth.  Mary was the daughter of the first wife , Catherine of Aragon (in Spain).Mary became Queen of Scots and Elizabeth became Queen of England. Their names were Mary I and Elizabeth  I.Elizabeth ruled England and Mary ruled Scotland.Catherine Parr was the last wife Henry married, but Henry died because of an infection , so she got married to someone else but she had trouble giving birth.

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