Charlotte’s Web written by E.B.WHITE

Book-it list Book review by Elzabeth 5W

There was a girl called  Fern she had eight baby pigs her dad chopped seven of then  and then chopped down  the last one and then Fern turned angry and said that’s  unfair  .Then  her dad got  her another pig  and she feed it  everyday . Then see would go to school with her brother who had guns.See thought for a name for her pig  she named him Wilbur.Wilbur was growing so big and he was only 2years-old.Fern but him in a farm and there was this man called Mr Zuckerman and he took care of him. Fern visited Wilbur ever single day but she wasn’t allowed to go inside so she had to watch him. Wilbur makes good a spider called Charlotte.

I would recommend this book because I liked the characters and it was emotional. It made me laugh and cry.

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