The Maths Morning Workshop

Morning maths workshop

Hi welcome to 5T workshop .
We played a game called the ice cream challenge,what we did is we had to find out how many ice cream combinations we could make.After we finished the challenge,we found there were twenty one combinations.
Then we played the the horse race game .
We each have three cubes as the horses,and we picked three numbers and wrote the first letter of our name and rolled two dice. Then, we add the two numbers from the dice and whatever the number is, the person who picked the number and it is fun to play.
Next, we played the sequence game, which is a game with a pattern and you are supposed to find the pattern in it.You have to read the instructions and find it out.When you finish the game,you have to make your own sequence.You would get a sheet of colour and make it.
After that, we played shape sequence and you have to find out what each shapes number was and then with the shapes draw them in the missing boxes to get the correct answer.
Meanwhile,we played another game called the caterpillar game,so you have some counters and you need to start with a number and if that number is even half it and if it is odd you add one all the way until the number one.
Written by Sierra & Rija.

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