Tudor Family Tree

Henry VII often known as Henry Tudor began the Tudor dynasty in 1485 following his defeat of Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth. He was king until 1509 when his son and the most well known Tudor king Henry VIII took over the thrown. Henry VIII ruled until 1547 and there were a further 4 Tudor monarchs before the end of the Tudor period. There were:-
Edward VI – he was king from 1547 to 1553. Edward was only 9 when he became king, he was Henry VIII son. He was a poorly child and died when he was 15.
Lady Jane Grey – Just before Edward VI died he gave the crown to Lady Jane Grey. she was a relative of Henry VIII’s sister but it was not popular with the public and she was only queen for 9 days. She was then imprisoned in the tower and killed at the age of 16.
Mary I-1553 to 1558 – Mary was Edward VI sister. She most famously attempted to turn England Catholic again and had many people executed that didn’t want to be catholic. This is how she got her nick name of Bloody Mary.
Elizabeth I – 1558-1603 She was the final Tudor Monarch. She never married. she died when she was 69 and was at that point the oldest England monarch ever to have reigned.
By George 

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