Year 4 Roman trip to Chester

We left school at 9.45am and got on our bus to Chester. We were all very excited. When we arrived we went to the Dewa Roman Experience Museum to meet our tour guide and he was dressed as a Roman Soldier. He gave us all shields and we marched through the town to the a Roman garden where there were mosaics. In the garden we practiced the tortoise and marching then we went to the amphitheatre where my mum and Harley’s dad had to pretend to be gladiators and fight with swords and shields, we then had to vote for the winner and Harley’s dad won. My mum had to ask for mercy so the Roman soilder wouldn’t kill her but he was in a bad mood so her chopped her head off with his sword. After we marched chanting sin sin sin dex sin back to the museum. We had our dinner and then went back in time going around the museum. This time a lady showed us around and explained everything to us as we went. First we boarded a ship to Britannia and we arrived at night so it was very dark we went into the barracks. First she showed us the hospital and some of the things they used like honey and cobwebs to put on cuts then we went to the kitchen and she told us how they would put honey or fruit in there bread to make it softer so it didn’t chip there teeth. We then went to a room where Roman soldiers were sleeping and we could hear snoring, when then went to the bath house where 2 soldiers were having a bath and she told us how they used to bath and go to the toilet together and used a brush to wipe there bum and then pass it on to the next man. We then watched a film on Roman life and archiology and digging up things from Roman times we went downstairs to what looked like a cellar and she showed us 3 different walls one of which was Roman. We then went to look at loads of different Roman things like shields and swords and got to try them all on and we also looked at old oil cans and jewellery and made up stories about how they were made. It was then time to go home. We all had a great time.


Jessica Clegg 4M

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