Tudor Day

When it was Tudor day mistress Alice a rich Tudor lady told us all about the banquets and how to behave at one and what they would eat like swan and goose.
Jack a rich man told us all about if you went to court for committing a crime in Tudor days. For example trying to kill queen Elizabeth was treason. There were lots of activity’s like playing Tudor games, making a scroll and writing with a feathered pen and using it to-write our names on card.
Later in the day we did some acting and we learnt a Tudor dance we all stood in a large circle and went left left left right right right.
We also got given a long peacock feather to balance on our finger. We learnt all about Tudor cures like pox and in Tudor days doctors would wear a creepy bird mask with a very long beak. But they didn’t wear the mask to scare people the reason why doctors wore the mask so they get effected not the cure.Tudor day lasted all day and was an experience to see what it would be like in Tudor days.

Louise 5T

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