Romans in 120 words

What did Romans eat?

Poor Romans ate bread, vegetable soup, and porridge. Meat was a luxury, unless they lived in the countryside and could go hunting or fishing.

Poor people’s small homes had no kitchens. So they often took food round to the baker, to cook in his oven. Many people bought takeways, such as sausages or fried fish, from food-shops.

Rich Romans had food cooked at home in the kitchen by slaves. Most ate a light breakfast, and a snack at mid day – perhaps bread and cheese, or boiled eggs and salad. They ate dinner in late afternoon, with a starter, a meat course (such as hare, pig, beef, goat, chicken, fish or pigeon) followed by fruit or nuts. Ice cream was a treat. Lettuce was served at the end of a meal because Romans believed it helped you sleep.

Gracjan 4M

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