January and February 2018



This half term we will begin by learning, performing and writing a recount about the Battle of Hastings and writing instructions for how to build a castle. We will be writing a poem about a dragon inspired by the book Tell Me A Dragon. All this links to our Creative Curriculum topic, Dungeons and Dragons

Children will continue learning year 2 spellings and common exception words and will continue to learn to apply phase 5 graphemes in their writing.

Handwriting sessions continue to support the children reach the end of year objectives and more of us are learning to join.

We will be learning to meet various writing objectives this half term, including learning to read and edit our writing.





Here are the objectives for this half term. Please continue learning your 10, 2, 5 and 3 times tables too.

Place value and ordering 2-digit numbers; place value additions and subtractions; add and begin to subtract 9, 10 and 11

Revise number bonds to 10; begin to bridge 10; subtract from 10 and 20; use number facts to find the complement to ten; find a difference between two numbers by counting on

Rehearse complements to multiples of 10; find differences using a number line; find change from 10p and 20p, and from £10 to £20 by counting up and using bonds to 10 and 20; add two 2-digit numbers by counting on

Recognise and identify properties (including faces and vertices) of 3D shapes; sort according to properties including number of faces; name the 2D shapes of faces of 3D shapes; tell the time to the nearest quarter on analogue and digital clocks

Order 2-digit numbers and revise the < and > signs; locate 2-digit numbers on a landmarked line and grid; round 2-digit numbers to nearest 10; estimate a quantity <100 within a range







Uses of Materials

In this unit children will name, identify and hunt for everyday materials including wood, metal, plastic, glass, rubber, brick, rock, paper, fabric and card. They will list properties of different materials such as hardness, strength, flexibility and shininess. They will learn that the properties of materials are important to the object they are made from. They will identify suitable and unsuitable materials for different objects and will be able to explain why.

Working Scientifically, children will classify materials sorting them into groups in a variety of ways. They will use reference materials to find out some fascinating facts about a type of material. They will compare the strength of different types of paper predicting which will rip when pulled by their hands. They will learn what absorbency means and explore the absorbency of different types of materials. They will examine different ways to record results and select an appropriate way to record the results of an investigation about waterproof materials. They will apply the findings from these investigations to design a nappy.




Our topic is Dungeons and Dragons. We are learning about the Norman Conquest and events leading up to the invasion. We will discover how castles were built, linking to our materials topic in Science, and will find out how they were defended and attacked. We will learn about life inside and around castles and will be visiting Skipton Castle. We will explore local geography to decide where to best build a castle. We will carry out an art project using the Bayeux Tapestry to inspire us.



Coming soon…



This half term we will be improving our gymnastic and games skills, as well as learning a medieval dance and invasion game.



The theme Dreams and Goals using our new scheme Jigsaw, and we will be creating our own Dream Dragons for our castle play area.



I Wanna Play In A Band is a rock song written especially for children. In this song the children learn about singing and playing together in an ensemble.

As well as learning to sing, play, improvise and compose with this song, children will listen and appraise classic rock songs.




Will be issued on Fridays and must be returned by the following Wednesday.

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