5W class assembly

On Friday 19th of January we had our class assembly and it was all about the Elizabethan age where Queen Elizabeth reigned on the throne for 40 YEARS! In our assembly we had different stages the William Shakespeare times the sir Francis drake times we also played Tudor take me out and I was paddy mugginess also we had auditions in the globe theater. Then we invited parents back for tea and toast and to show off our books.

Noah J

5Ws school play

On Friday 19 January 5W performed a Tudor play for our class assembly.

We learned all about Queen Elizabeth 1 when she was on the throne with her privy council, we also learned about Sir Francis Drake and we also learned about William Shakespeare. We performed a short play to show what we had learnt to our grown ups.


Hope 5W

Joshua 4D Water Experiment

Watch Joshua’s amazing scientific experiment with his fabulous assistant Amber!

Rivers of the world

Our topic in year 4 at the minute is about water of the world, we are learning about rivers around the world. We have learnt the The River Nile in Egypt is the longest river in the world and The Amazon River is the second longest. Me and Layla are doing a project on The River Murray in Sydney Australia, it is 2,508 kilometres long and about 3 metres deep but in some places where there are deep pools or holes it can be 6-8 metres deep. We have only just strarted this project and I am enjoying  it and looking forward to learning more.


By Jessica 4M