Our interview with Jack from WW2 By Freya

On the 15/2/18 year 6 had a visitor from WW2 who came to talk to us for some more information on our WW2 topic. Our visitor was called Jack and he is 93,he told us all about WW2 and we learnt lots of interesting facts that we did not know about until he came. He  left school at the age of 14 to train and at 18 he volunteered to be in the air force as part of the air crew. He brought us some items to look at like some photos and certificates and lots of artefacts. He trained  for 12 weeks in south Africa. He also brought in a bullet !!!!! He had to fly in a B26 Martain Marauder !! When he was on the plane for 3 years he was set to rationing food! When he was in the plane he was in it with 5 other people.We are very grateful for having our visitor from WW2 – an experience which many people will never be able to see.THANK YOU JACK for all you have done for our country.

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