In my kagan group we have been learning about Wilson hat factory. On Monday 14 january at Wilson’s hat factory a major explosion occurred in which 13 people were killed, 12 were severely injured and 39 received minor injuries. The explosion occurred in the proofing department, which was totally destroyed ,and two planking shops were also damaged. It it understood that the explosion was caused by the ignition of vapour arising from methylated spirit that formed part of a process for dyeing hat bodies.The report of the explosion was heard for miles around and in the immediate location the Shock wave felt like an earthquake. Windows of nearby homes were shattered and some residents were thrown violently from there chairs.                                                               Skye kay 

Joshua’s Quizlet

Take a look at Josh’s Quizlet he made for his homework:

See how many questions you can answer!

Grand Designs – Famous Landmarks in Manchester

We have been learning about Grand Designs, which includes famous landmarks around the world. I thought it would be interesting to find out what famous landmarks there are in my home city of Manchester.

I found that Manchester has many landmarks, a lot of them I have never even seen or visited !

Here are some of them –

Old Trafford Cricket Ground, Museum of Science and Industry, Imperial War Museum, Albert Square, Manchester Arena, Manchester Cathedral, Etihad Stadium, National Football Museum, Chinatown, Manchester Art Gallery, St Ann’s Square, Manchester Museum, Beetham Tower, Hat Works, Victoria Baths, Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester United Museum and Stadium, John Rylands Library and National Football Museum.

I have only visited the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester Arena, St Ann’s Square and Piccadilly Gardens. I would like to try and visit more of these landmarks in the future !

By Skyla Myatt, 5T



Grand designs by cristian

I Land about the taj mahou is an ivory -white morble mousoleum on the south bank of the yamuna river in the ladian city of was commissioned in 1632 by the Mughal emperor, shon jahan.

Our Vlogs all about Denton

In year 4 we have been exploring our local area. We enjoyed riding along on our virtual tour of Denton to find out all about the hot spots for history and entertainment.

We then worked in our Kagan groups to explore one of these brilliant land marks in further detail to create a vlog about these hidden gems.

Take a look!

Waters of the world

This term our class is learning about waters of the world, my blog is about how rain is formed.

Rain is formed when water is warmed up from a river, a stream, the sea or the ocean, where it rises into the atmosphere, it then cools down and forms tiny droplets through something which is called condensation. These droplets are then held in what we know as a cloud. When the cloud gets too heavy it will then start to rain.

After it has rained the water cycle will happen again.


By Alfie Sugden 4D