Big Talk


Hi Everyone!

Thank you for all the Easter Bonnets and Eggs you sent in. We really have some creative parents and children out there.  Unfortunately we could have only one winner in each class.  A big well done to Oliver and Charlie!

Our readers of the week this week are Joshua and Ela Batak – well done to both of you for reading at home and trying really hard!  Don’t forget to read over the holidays and to practise your phonic sounds everyone! There are videos on ‘You Tube’ for Jolly Phonics songs which demonstrate the actions and sounds. In addition to ‘Reading Eggs’, there are lots of free apps available for tablets which can support your children’s learning in a fun way.  One we use a lot in school is ‘Hairy Letters’ which helps children to form letters correctly.

After the holidays our topic will be ‘Gardens and Growth’. We would like to do lots of planting outdoors and would be very grateful for any donations of seeds, bulbs, compost and gardening equipment.

For homework we would like the children to see what they can find in their own gardens. They could take pictures, draw or write about what they see and any changes they have noticed now it is Spring. These could be flowers, trees, mini-beasts, birds etc. If you are feeling really ambitious and want a challenge, we would love to have some items that we can put outside such as a bird feeder or small bug hotel. Pinterest is a web site that has lots of ideas. As usual there will be a ‘Dip in the Box’ for the most creative item sent in!

We are really pleased with the progress the children have made in writing. After the holidays we will be encouraging the children to write a short sentence rather than their name when they arrive at school.  We will give all the children a book and we would be grateful if you could write the date above the sentence so that we can see their progress.

Thank you as usual for your continued support and we wish you a lovely holiday!  Let’s hope the sun comes out!

The Reception Team.

Pirate Day!

On Thursday 22nd March, 1H had two special visitors, Captain Blackbeard and Daisy, two famous pirates.

The children had the best day and was a great way to finish our Pirate topic!

A big thank you to our visitors and the amazing effort the children and parents put in to  their outfits. 


In my kagan group we have been learning about Wilson hat factory. On Monday 14 january at Wilson’s hat factory a major explosion occurred in which 13 people were killed, 12 were severely injured and 39 received minor injuries. The explosion occurred in the proofing department, which was totally destroyed ,and two planking shops were also damaged. It it understood that the explosion was caused by the ignition of vapour arising from methylated spirit that formed part of a process for dyeing hat bodies.The report of the explosion was heard for miles around and in the immediate location the Shock wave felt like an earthquake. Windows of nearby homes were shattered and some residents were thrown violently from there chairs.                                                               Skye kay 

Big Talk

Diary Dates

Easter bonnet parade – Thursday 29th March

Last day of term – Thursday 29th March


Hi Everyone!

It has been a sad day today as we wave ‘good-bye’ to Miss Wood and Miss Meacock.  We have really enjoyed having them in Reception and they will be missed by us all. We wish them all the best in their future career and know they will make superb teachers.

Thank you for all the Big Talk homework that you have sent in. Oliver and Esme showed us some great learning that they have been doing at home with money, well done! Our readers of the week this week are Angela and Anton. They have all made such great improvements through learning their words and reading at home – well done!

This week the children have enjoyed making traps for Wizard Lizard, writing secret messages using white crayon and painting over them, using money, playing games and doing obstacle courses for Sports Relief day. The children also enjoyed doing the ‘5 a day fitness’ videos and we talked about what happens to their bodies when they exercise.

Next week we will be finding out about Easter, why and how it is celebrated by Christians.  We will also be having an Easter Bonnet and painted egg parade on Thursday. For homework we would like the children to make their own Easter Bonnets and decorate them or alternatively they could paint or decorate an egg (remember to oil it first). The PTA will be providing an Easter Egg for the winner in each key stage! Good Luck everyone!

Thank you as usual for your continued support, have a lovely weekend.

The Reception Team

Joshua’s Quizlet

Take a look at Josh’s Quizlet he made for his homework:

See how many questions you can answer!