Victoria Park

In our class we are learning about Denton and we are doing about our favourite hidden gems of Denton. In our kagan group we picked Victoria Park. We had to do research to find out facts about Vitoria Park like, the Band Stand has been there since 1914 after World War 1, and it stands on an eight sided dome, in 2007 there was a big celabration for the re-opening of the Band Stand.  Victoria Park cost £6750 to build which was a lot of money in those days, also in the park is the War Memorial which was built in 1921 to remember all the soldiers from Denton that died in the war. When we had done our research we found pictures of Victoria Park and put them on a slide show using I Movie, then we used green screen and videoed ourselves making a vlog all about what we had learnt about Victoria Park, by using green screen and the pictures we had found it made it look like we were in Victoria Park .  I am really looking forward to learning more about different hidden gems of Denton.


Jessica Clegg


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