Chaperon Rouge be Autumn

Vapour,which covered land like a blood-red blacket.The trees suffocated and formed into a wolf.Lighting the night sky , it’s flamed coloured eyes had malicious death written all over it .Plants went dull,trees emerged wolves appear from thin air. Red blood ran through her veins as sweat dripped on her fore-head . As the malicious creature slithered through the ancient city .Gasping in fright ,she woke up looking around for the beasts. Trying to collect her breath. She back against the . She gasped……..CLATTER!she backed up . Suddenly,there was a shadow, a shadow of her death. Covering like a dark blacket,she ran as fast as her heart pounding heart. The wolf shaped creatures followed her ready for a tasty meal. Quickly she ran, she sweat,she cried and she was unsure of what was happening. SNAP!she ducked. Dark jaws snapped for one whole. She ran ,the wolves were catching up . Beams of fear dropped.Her heart beated like the wolves bellies rumbles . In the distances She could see the outline of an ancient castle.

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