Chaperon Rouge by Enya

A ruby red scarlet vapour began to blend in with the sun set in the coal frosty night sky . Slowly it smothered into the ominous, threatening figure of a wolf . The eye was like the sun burning a scoring, hole into the darkness. The two wolves slithered across the cherry floor as they were ready to cause some trouble. Gasping in fear she brought her Mind back to the spine chilling world. Her heart was pounding like a basketball bouncing on the floor as she struggled for air , her heart was pounding BOOM BOOM BOOM as she picked up her leather bag . Slowly, she pushed herself back to the stone wall her face turned as her face sweated . Cautiously, without warning a cold sinister gloomy shadow towered over her head and transformed into a vicious wolf . She came to a stop . She gasped. And shaked . She skidded down the steep hill passing the rocks . Her heart was pounding. She turned her head her head was sweating with balls of sweat she came to a stop she felt sick . She walked up the steep steps she walked slowly. Nervously slowly creaked through the castle she took a deep breath she was safe at last . Before she knew it the door came alive . Red fume strangled the castle . Like a struck of lightning. A violent SNAP !!!! The wolf had swallowed her forbidden soul . Was this all a dream ???????

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