chaperon Rouge by kaiden year5

The blood curdiling vapour  began to enclose the forest path. The trees began to fade into the threatening picture of a petrifying wolf. Shining in the smoke,was an inflamed red eye which appeared out of the darkness. The wolves slithered through the ancient ruins of a village. The wolves were creeping as they got closer to the girl. Gasping in fear, she awoke. Trembling the girl collected her bag.she was sweating in dread as she backed against the wall.

Cautiously,she backed up against a wall as she heard a crackiling noise. Suddenly, a menacing shadow appeared above her and transformed into the shape of a imtimadating wolf. She gulped and then ran as she sprinted through the ruins of the village as the wolves hunted her down. She looked around her surroundings and saw the devious wolves behind her.

She ran through the forest as the wolves ganged up on her.SNAP! The wolves jaws reached out to swallow her whole. They began to multiply as the wolves were like magnets attrackting to each over as they stalked her. She came to a stop,she skidded. Her heart was pounding. The girl took a glance behind her. SNATCH! The wolves tried to get a bite out of her. She ran as they got closer. And closer. The girl climbed up some rocks and in the horizon there was a castle. Apprehensively,the girl walked up the majestic stairs. Slowly,the girl walked through the door. Carefully,the girl walked on and then…SNAP! Was it all a dream?


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