Dancing Through the Decades

I’m really enjoying learning about dancing through the decades, we are doing a music video and my group (No1s) awe doing the 1980s and some of the moves are, thriller step clap, the Macarena and moon walk. We are editing the music videos next week, I really enjoyed it and we laughed a lot when making the video..

These are some of the dance moves in the different decades we have learnt about while doing this topic.

1950s –

The Hand Jive, Boogie Woogie and Rock & Roll


1960s –

The a Twist, The Hitchhike, The Foxtrot, a The Pony and The Chicken.


1970s –

YMCA, The Disco Finger, The Bus Stop, The Hussle and The Pump.


1980s –

The Moonwalk, Cris Cross Jump Dance, Thriller Step Clap and The Macarena

I’m enjoying this topic as I love music and songs and I’m always singing, im looking forward to learning more .


Jessica Clegg 4M


French day

Boujour mom nom est malachi
Last Tuesday it was French day.
We learn a fairy tale called Trois petits Cochons (three little pigs) and we preformed it on an iMovie . Tete,epaule,Les genoux et les orteils (heads,shoulders,knees and toes). 5w learnt a potato song called un patate about body parts.

By Malachi 5w

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Survivor – Learning to read a map by Skyla Myatt

Reading a map is an essential outdoor skill. The ability to relate to what’s around you with what is displayed on a map is a vital skill. You should learn this first before using a compass. Compass navigation skills come later once you have a good understanding of maps. A map is nothing more than squiggles and symbols, so you should learn some basic symbols. Symbols like how roads are shown, footpaths, streams and rivers, wooded areas and contour lines.

Once  you have mastered the ability to observe what is around you to what the map is showing, you will be able to find where you are. You will also be able to look at the map and see what the terrain is like further ahead on your route. A compass can be used once you can read a map competently !

French day

Bonjour !

Last Tuesday it was French day for the whole school,

we learnt our body parts in French example :Les genoux ,un Bouche . We also learnt a fairy tale called Trois petit  Cochons ( The Three little pigs )and preformed it on iMovie before we started to perform it we practised it first  then we went into the cloak room to perform .we also practised a song about our body’s after we did that we learnt another French song called une patate .

by Isabelle 5w

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