Year 6 Summer Term 2

This is your child’s last half term in Corrie before they move onto their High schools in September!! It is going to be a very busy and emotional one.

Sports and Health week was wonderful and we all had an amazing time at GoApe in the sunshine.

We have been working so hard on our WW1 Arts Award booklets, which are almost finished.

We are practising hard for our end of year production which will be on Thursday 19th July. We hope that you will be able to come and watch your child act, sing and dance.

In science, we will be working on a unit called- Evolution and Inheritance

They will explore the principal of inheritance, recognising that living things produce offspring of the same kind, but that normally such offspring vary and are not identical to their parents. Children will research how plants and animals are adapted to suit their environment in different ways and they will identify some beneficial adaptations that may lead to evolution. They will explore natural selection.

Working scientifically, children will have had the opportunity to use secondary sources to research and evaluate evidence about evolution and inheritance. Children will have identified scientific evidence that has been used to support or refute ideas or arguments by finding out about the fossil records used by pivotal scientists such as Mary Anning, Alfred Wallace and Charles Darwin.

We will continue to work on our topic of Ancient Greece. The children will learn about many aspects including the Olympics, gods, myths, art, democracy, the theatre.

Homework- Most homework will be connected to our topic from now on, however there may be other types at times. We keep track of the homework and reading on charts in the classroom that are linked to the assertive mentoring scheme that we use in school. In order to achieve a green mark their homework MUST be completed and handed in on WEDNESDAY.

We will continue to do P.E. every Friday, but it is best to keep their kit in all week.. Just a reminder that school P.E. kit comprises of a white t-shirt, black shorts and pumps and if P.E. is taking place outside and the weather is cold, the children are allowed to wear dark jogging bottoms and trainers. All jewellery must be removed for P.E.

We are always available if there is anything that you would like any advice or help with and are happy to address any concerns you might have in what is an exciting, but occasionally daunting year for the children and yourselves.


Mrs. Lynch, Mr. Griffin and Miss Richards


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