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Tudor schools

Most children did not go to school in Tudor times. The people that did go were normally the sons of rich or working families who could pay for them to go to school. Boys would start school at 4 years old and move up to grammar school at 7 years old. No girls got to go to school they were kept at home to help with work round the house or sent out to work to get money for their family.

The teachers at Tudor schools were very strict, if the child was ever naughty they would get hit with the birch. Birches were a type of cane. Teachers would punish children with 50 “lashes” of the birch. Some pupils would not go to school because they were too scared of the strict punishments being given.

Pupils from rich families would pay for a special friend (poor person) called the whipping-boy. This means when the rich child was naughty, it was the whipping boy who took the punishment.

By Archie (5P)

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