Our trip to Safe Squad by Finley in 6L

We learnt quite a lot at Safe Squad! Like how to stay safe on social media, CPR, The Recovery Position, we learnt about the hazards of objects in your house and a lot more!

CPR & The Doctor’s ABC’s

We learnt about CPR and also The Doctor’s ABC’s. The Doctor’s ABC’s is 6 words in an acrostic poem,

Danger, Response, Shout, Airway, Breathing, Compressions.

The compression is CPR, to do CPR you need to find the sternum and put your hands into a turtle shape with your hands interlocked, then pump at 100PPM (Pumps Per Minute).


How to stay safe on social media.

When you are on famous social media sites, you need to know the age limit, and if you have an account on any social media and you’re under the age limit, you should either delete it, or put on private which means only family/friends can see your posts. Here are the age limits: Tik Tok/Musical.ly:13yrs, WhatsApp: 13yrs, Facebook:13yrs, YouTube:13yrs and Instagram:13yrs.


How to escape a fire successfully.

First of all, do not pack a bag, for fire to fill a whole house takes only 3 minutes so you will definitely not have time. Second, take as much as you can, as fast as you can. As soon as the fire spreads, you can not go back in which means if you have left a valuable item or even a pet then sadly you will have to leave it…

Crawl on the floor on your way out. It might sound crazy but it is because the smoke starts from above you and slowly makes its was towards the ground.

Finally, as soon as you get out, call 999! Explain (if you know) what started the fire and the exact address of where you live. Tell them the colour of  the door of your house as well.


Thank you for reading my blog and we had a really fun time at Safe Squad!!


-Finley 6L




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