Our trip to safe squad by Fraser 6L

At the start of the morning we had an instructor called Ben and he told all of the bad sides on the internet like don’t let strangers know all of the information about you like your school your street your house number and your uniform.And he named all of the online games you can play like Xbox /ps4 Tik Tok instagram and Snapchat. Snapchat is extra dangerous because if you  take picture people can find out where you are unless you put ghost mode on.Ben did a test on us to see what we go on and how careful we are on the internet.

So next on the agenda was with 2 police officers called George and Grace and two actors and we had to find out what criminal offence was being made like racism anti social behaviour and we had to describe the criminal.

Also we went with a  worker from Manchester fire brigade. He was talking  about hazards and what would make fire Ike unused strainers coffee over the tv. He also told us to never get your pet if your house is burning unless it right next to you because animals like dogs and cats have natural instinct so they will find their own way out.He said one time someone ran in to get her cat but her cat was in the drive way.And finally we went to learn cpr and the recovery position. In the recovery position you need to look for danger and then put your partners hand on the ground in a high 5 way and put the back of the nearest hand you put on his cheek turn him over carefully and check if he’s breathing.

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