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Fact about Henry the VIII

He was an author.

At 6ft 2 inches tall Henry was slim and athletic for most of his life.

He was a great athlete in his youth. Henry threw the javelin and enjoyed hunting, archery, jousting and tennis.

In 1536 in his forties Henry suffered a serious wound to his leg whilst jousting, this never properly healed and he couldn’t move about like he used to.

Four years later his waist had grown from 32 inches to 52 inches!!!!!!!!!

At his heaviest he had to be winched onto his horse (poor horse).

He had six wives and they were called Katherine of Aragon, Ann Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard and Katherine Parr.

Henry VIII had two wives executed, the second wife Anne Boleyn, and the fifth wife, Catherine Howard.

Wife no 2 was Anne Boleyn. She gave him a daughter, the famous Elizabeth I, but couldn’t give him sons. Henry fell in love with Jane Seymour, and had to get rid of Anne in order to marry Jane. He had charges of witchcraft, incest and treason cooked up against her, which were untrue, and had her beheaded by the sword.

Wife no 5 was Catherine Howard. Henry was now nearly 50, fat, and suffering from a wound in his leg. Catherine was a cousin of Anne Boleyn’s, and was only a teenager. She was not very bright, and had affairs. Henry found out, was devastated, and had her beheaded by the axe. No children.

Henry sent more people to their death than any other Monarch.

Henry was a very selfish person and by the end of his life everyone was afraid of him.

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