Happy New Year!

Welcome back and Happy New Year!


This half term we will continue learning about sentence structures and using our pictorial targets to help us to write them. We will be exploring recounts and creating fact sheets about space and the moon landing using ‘Book Creator’ on the ipads. We will also be writing our own space adventure stories and performing them using ‘Green Screen’.

The children will be learning to spell common exception words and learning to use the sounds they need in their writing.

Please remember to continue using Reading Eggs at home and to read regularly and learn your spellings.

Reading books will be changed twice weekly on Mondays and Fridays. We will also send home Reading For Enjoyment books every Friday. It is important that children learn to re-read books to build fluency and good expression – well done to everyone who has been reading at home.

Reading Morning takes place on a Tuesday morning from 8.50-9.20am. This is an opportunity for parents and carers to join us in our shared read. Please feel free to come along.


Here are the objectives for the next half term:

Say the number one more or less and two more or less using a number line or a 100 grid; locate 2-digit numbers on a 100 grid and a 1-100 bead string; read, write and say 2-digit numbers and understand them as some tens and some ones

Revise pairs to 5, 6, 7, 10 and doubles to double 6; derive subtraction facts; understand a symbol being used for an unknown; use number facts to solve simple addition and subtraction word problems; find pairs of numbers with a total of 8

Add by putting the larger number first and counting on (numbers up to 100), spotting unit patterns; count on from 2-digit numbers; add a 1-digit number to a 2-digit number

Name, recognise and know the properties of 3D shapes: cube, cuboid, cone, cylinder and sphere; begin to sort 3D shapes according to properties; order and name the days of the week and months of the year; recognise and name the seasons

Count on and back in tens from any number; begin to count in 5s and 2s recognising multiples of 5 end in 5 and 0; children begin to count in 2s; estimate a number of objects within a range and count by grouping into 10s or 5s




Here are our objectives for Identifying Materials:

In this unit children will have identified and named common types of materials including wood, metal, plastic, rubber, fur, towelling, nylon, wool, sponge, cotton wool, paper, card, brick, ceramics, rock and some liquids and powdered solids. They will have labelled, collected and grouped together objects made from the same material. They will state that different objects can be manufactured from the same materials. They will say why some materials are unsuitable for some objects.

Working scientifically, children will have tested the properties of different liquids. They will have investigated which materials are good to wrap and protect a hollow chocolate object being sent through the post.


We have also started to learn about seasons and will be exploring Winter:

In this unit children will learn that there are four seasons, the names for these seasons and that there are differences between them. They will identify and design weather symbols for the different types of weather they are likely to experience across the seasons.

Working scientifically, children will make observations and measurements over time throughout the seasons including day length, temperature, rain/snow fall, wind strength, cloud conditions and the accompanying changes to plants and animals in their local environment. They will describe and record their findings and compare them across the seasons.





Our topic is Space Megastructures. We will be learning about where in the world super telescopes are and why. We will learn about the moon landing and the timeline of the International Space Station and what it is like to live in space. We will be creating our own artwork inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting. We will be learning about Tim Peake, Helen Sharman and Neil Armstrong. We will be using clay to make a model of an alien using the story of Beegu as a stimulus.






Coming soon…


Using Book Creator App to create space fact sheets.

Developing our performance skills using green screen.

Developing key skills such as logging in and out of reading eggs.

Using graphics and text to support our work about space.



This half term we will be learning to develop our dance skills including performing and evaluating basic routines with a Dance Coach and will be developing our gymnastic skills further. Please ensure that your child has their PE kit in school every day, with each item labelled with their name.


Our theme for this half term is Dreams and Goals which is about setting targets and working towards them.


We use songs on a regular basis to help us when learning Maths and grammar concepts. Ask your child to sing some for you!

Listen and Appraise the song In The Groove and other songs in other styles:

  • How Blue Can You Get by B.B. King
  • Let The Bright Seraphim by Handel
  • Livin’ La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin
  • Jai Ho by J.R. Rahman
  • Lord Of The Dance by Ronan Hardiman
  • Diggin’ On James Brown by Tower Of Power
  1. Musical Activities – learn and/or build on your knowledge and understanding

about the interrelated dimensions of music through:

  1. Warm-up Games (including vocal warm-ups)
  2. Flexible Games (optional extension work)
  3. Learn to Sing the Song( in 6 different styles; Blues, Baroque, Latin, Bhangra,

Folk and Funk)

  1. Play Instruments with the Song
  2. Improvise with the Song (and optional extension activities)
  3. Compose with the Song
  4. Perform the Song



We received some fantastic homework last term – well done and keep up the good work! Homework will be issued on Fridays and must be returned by the following Wednesday.


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