Eco Meeting 04.02.19

On Monday 4th February the Eco team met to discuss matters to be tackled during this term.
In attendance: LRG/AR/RB/EH/NJ/TD/ET.
We discussed the planning of waste week that will take place in March of Spring two. The children felt that it would be good to begin to take an audit of the energy levels used around our school and decide on ways in which we can begin to cut excess energy usage. We have also decided that the Eco team will make posters in order to advertise and raise awareness of this event.

Next on our agenda was our planters. We discussed which vegetables we would like to try and grow in them over the coming months. The children decided that instead of just selling the vegetables to parents, we should try to include some of them in the salad bar during lunch times. NJ suggested that we create an activity during health week that enables children to become more involved in the growth of fruit and vegetables at Corrie.

Thirdly we discussed the amount of litter that seems to be around our school grounds at the moment. The children all agreed that there are far too many children and adults throwing litter on the ground, particularly in a morning. We discussed the possibility of arranging more bins around the school grounds and posters to try and encourage people not to litter.

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