What Buildings I Want To See In New York By Alfie Sugden 5P

Next year I am going to New York and I would like to visit different iconic buildings and places including the following.

I would like to visit the Hard Rock Cafe, I have been to Malta and in the airport stood the Hard Rock Cafe. The food was extraordinary and the building was dedicated to rock and roll music with pictures of famous rock artists and various pieces of memorabilia hung up around the cafe.

I would also like to visit the World Trade Centre’s site where the spindling towers once stood. In there place now stands One World Trade Centre and The Memorial Waterfall which has everyone’s name that were either missing or killed in the 9/11 act of terror.

One of the main places I want to visit is Times Square where the Times Square Tower stands, this tower is made up of offices and billboards, the billboards are electronic and advertise large companies such as Toshiba and Sony. Times square also has M&M world and the big Hersheys chocolate shop.

By Alfie Sugden

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