Summer 2 Year 2

Welcome back to our final half term in Year 2!


Take a look at what we’ll be exploring this half term:


We will be reading ‘The Minpins’ by Roald Dahl and exploring the themes of monsters and danger in the woods. The children will create and write their own monster character descriptions, retell and innovate key parts of the story and eventually write their own new chapter for the book. Children will be learning how to use possessive apostrophes (singular) [for example, the monster’s picnic basket] and how to use suffixes to make longer words, including: -ment, -ness, -ful, -less and -ly. Children will continue to apply their knowledge of sentence structure to form either questions, commands, statements or exclamations and will continue to edit and improve their work.

Practising Spellings at Home

Year 1 & 2 Common Exception Word Mat

Year 1 Spelling Rules

Year 2 Spelling Rules



We will continue to use teacher assessment to focus on gap teaching with the aim of improving mathematical fluency and deepen children’s understanding in the following areas:

  • Number bonds to 10 and 20
  • Mathematical problems involving multiplication of 2,5 & 10
  • Fractions of amounts
  • Place value
  • Mental addition and subtraction.


The children will also use their mathematical skills during enterprise week when they will decide on something to make and sell at the Summer Fayre. They will need to use their knowledge of money to cost materials, use their research skills to find good value and decide on a pricing list to make a profit!

Please encourage your child to continue using TT Rockstars to strengthen their times tables knowledge. Can they improve their rock status before the end of the year? Remember – there are prizes to be won!!


Remember the children can also make use of their Active Learn accounts where there are lots of fun mathematical activities. Using a laptop or desktop will give you access to all the activities however there is some limited access when using a tablet or iPad.


Similarly, children can access Espresso using their accounts where there are lots of interesting and fun interactive games and activities which cover the whole Year 2 curriculum. Give it a go! Remember the animal noises!!



Our next unit is all about plants and children will investigate how seeds and bulbs grow into plants. They will learn that plants need water, light and a suitable temperature to stay healthy and they will investigate where seeds come from by examining fruit and seeds in their local environment. Children will carry out their own investigation by planting a variety of seeds and by working scientifically will observe, record and write scientific conclusions to record their findings.


We will continue our ‘Seaside Rescue’ topic by looking at the beaches and seas around the British Isles. We will look at the features of a beach and a seaside resort, compare and contrast seaside resorts past and present, learn about some water safety using information from the RNLI and learn about the amazing Grace Darling!


Religious Education

We will continue with our unit learning about how we should care for others and the world and why this matters. We will learn about why Mother Theresa and Dr. Barnardo became caring people, compare and contrast stories from the Bible and Torah to understand how Christians and Jewish people believe the world began and how we should care for the world and those living in it. We will use art and poetry during the unit.



This term the children will learn all about ‘debugging’ in a unit called ‘Let’s Fix It.’ The children will understand what is meant by the term ‘debug’ and identify the key features of debugging by using software to create and programme a Sprite to move on stage. Children will learn about what happens when code goes wrong and how to use ‘sensors’ and ‘conditions’ within code to debug.


This term the children will be exploring dance using the Val Sabin primary dance curriculum which will be taught by our school’s sports coaching staff.

Our PE lesson is every Monday.



Our topic this half term is called ‘Changing me’. Using the school’s scheme of work ‘Jigsaw’, the topic explores how we grow, develop and age. Children will be able to identify and name different body parts, discuss how their bodies change as part of a continuum from being a baby to growing old and to discuss different types of touch with a view to developing self-confidence and assertiveness.




In Year 2 homework is given each Friday and expected back every Wednesday. The children will receive either a maths or reading task based on our learning in class and they will choose a piece from the ‘Seaside Rescue’ homework menu. Children are encouraged to be as creative as they wish and can choose how to present their homework so if they have published something using an iPad, tablet or computer please email it to us!

F.A.O. Mrs. Faulkner, Mrs. Macdonald or Miss. Richards to


The children are also asked to read at least twice a week to someone at home. We ask that the reading is recorded in their Reading Log. Reading books are changed daily or whenever your child is ready for a new book. We ask that you remind your child to place their reading book and log in the designated area so that it can be organised for them when needed.

Don’t forget that your homework and reading are monitored as part of your Assertive Mentoring profile.

On time by Wednesday – GREEN

Late by Friday – YELLOW

No homework or reading completed – RED








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