Chaperon Rouge by Bluebelle Parker

Without hesitation,she backed up against the delicate wall.She saw a haunting shadow.The frightening shadow started to crack ferociously.She ran as fast as her legs could carry her.The vicious creatures started to multiply.Snap!The wolf tried to grab her rosy coat.She bolted past it.She ran up the insecure log.Jump!Roll! She ran up the rocks.Snarl! She fell. Rapidly,her heart began to get faster,faster,faster. Slower,slower,slower. Suddenly,the girl looked around her,her eyes darted around the wondrous forest.Were they gone? Was she finally safe? The frightened girl looked around the forest to see if the wolves were around her. Or not. Without waiting, she ascended up the stairs . Walking,walking,walking. She finally approached the castle. It was dark and cold. Where was everyone? She stepped out of the daylight. Knocking,knocking,knocking. Crimson red vapour engulfed the room. The door way and a snapping jaw.SNAP! The girl was gone! 

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