Chaperon Rouge by Honey

A haze of blood- red vapour smothered the peaceful forest. The trees deteriorated and faded into the blood – curdling shape of a wolf. The glow and glare of a red eye incinerated the night sky. Like a viper, the wolf crept through the abandoned village leaving a track of demolition in it’s path. Others started to awake and join. She woke up. Gasping for breath, her heart skipped a beat. Every hair stood to attention as her eyes looked in every corner. Without hesitation, the girl backed to the wall in desperation. She saw a shadow beneath her and it opened. The girl ran through the forest as fast as her legs could carry her. Every step she took the shadows multiplied. The wolves snapped behind her. Faster. Closer. The wolves appeared everywhere. It was a dead end. She jumped off the unsteady log, but still the shadows followed her. She bolted, raced and shot like a dart through the forest. She climbed up the rocks and skidded. Her heart was beating like a drum. She looked behind her, the wolves had gone. Or so she thought? 

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