Chaperon rouge by Kelci-Leigh

Calmly, she packed up her belongings desperate to go. She leaned back onto a fragile,antient wall. Step by step. A sinister shadow hovered above her.As quick as a flash,she raced,sprinted and ran away from a real life nightmare. She ran quicker as the shadows came closer. Quicker. Closer. Quicker. Closer. The shadow of the wolf chased her through a canopy of trees,rocks,tree roots,leaving a trail of dismay as each tree slowly morphed into a blood thirsty wolf. Can she go on? Wolves began to multiply,breathing got heavier,wolves came closer. Her eyes widened with horror her heart skipped a beat. Her foot was misplaced making her end in a tumble. Like a drum her heart was beating quicker and quicker by the minute. She looked behind her… nothing was there. Was it all a dream? Where did they go? 

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