Chaperon Rouge by Lincoln

Crack! As the girl backed up, she heard the ancient, drerelict wall crack behind her. She gasped. As a mountainous, towering shadow rose over her. She looked over her shoulder and saw a sinister shadow of a wolf following her every step. Gasping, she raced and bolted as fast as her vibrating legs could take her to safety. Snap! She jumped and ran for her life. She fell. But when she turned around they weren’t there. Where did they go?

Was she safe? As her heart pounded in her ribs, she raised her head and saw a historic antiquated castle standing proudly. As she strolled up the stairs, she admired the forest and thought she was safe. As she entered the mouth of the castle, she was surrounded in darkness. A wave of red vapour enclose the castle and the mouth turned into a wolf’s jaw. Rapidly the jaws leaped up and ate the girl. Snap! 

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