Chaperon Rouge by Zwa

Panicking,she backed onto the gray stone wall.Suddenly,a shadow appeared over taking the form of a wolfs jaw.she raced sprinted and bolted through the cloudless forest.The wolves multiplied every step she took.Closer.Quicker.Closer.She ran as fast as she could.Snap!It missed.She jumped down the mountain hoping she could escape from the Black shadows.Was it all a dream or was it real?She questioned.Thump!She ended up on top of some rocks.Her heart beated like a drum.In the corner of her eye,in the distance she could see a grand castle on top of a mountain which seemed safe.She walked into the castle cautiously.The doorway took the form of a sharper toothed wolf.Crimson vapour filled the air and with a……SNAP!She was gone.

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