Bear Grylls



  1. Bear Grylls real name is Edward Michael Grylls.


  1. His sister was the person that gave him the nickname Bear.


  1. He served 3 years with British Special Air service


  1. In the SAS he trained in evasive driving, parachuting, demolitions, trauma medic, unarmed combat and jungle warfare.


  1. A year before climbing mount Everest he broke his back in 3 places.


  1. Grylls has consumed raw frozen Yalc eyeballs, camel intestine juice, a live snake, maggots as large as a hand and a giant live spider.


  1. Some injuries he has suffered over the years include crushed shoulders, a sliced finger, broken elbow,


  1. smashed knee, broken toe, dislocated hip and various bites from snakes, bats and scorpions.


  1. Bear Grylls has a black belt in karate.

By Archie (5P)

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