Chaperon Rouge by Mia O

A blanket of crimson vapor engulfed the forest and swallowed the old, crumbling trees. The normal didn’t feel normal anymore. As the trees were pulled down into the underground, there is was – the devil of darkness. Black shadows began to spawn into livid, blood thirsty wolves. Twisting round and watching the movement of the haunted, abandoned village, it’s lava like eyes illuminated the harrowing darkness. Finding it’s was through the spooky and eerie forest, the wolf life creature hunted for it’s tasty prey like a ghost searching to find the girl. Breathlessly panting, the girl woke up and froze in terror. Goosebumps crawled over her skin like a million spiders.
– Mia O.

Big Sing 2019

Our school’s choir performed amazingly at the Big Sing last week! A huge thank you to Mrs Mitchell for putting the time and effort into choir and also a massive congratulations to the children who have put a lot of hard work into the performance by attending lots of rehearsals and practising in their own time. I was extremely proud of you all!

Miss Dobie

Click on the links to watch the videos from the evening: