Bear Grylls



  1. Bear Grylls real name is Edward Michael Grylls.


  1. His sister was the person that gave him the nickname Bear.


  1. He served 3 years with British Special Air service


  1. In the SAS he trained in evasive driving, parachuting, demolitions, trauma medic, unarmed combat and jungle warfare.


  1. A year before climbing mount Everest he broke his back in 3 places.


  1. Grylls has consumed raw frozen Yalc eyeballs, camel intestine juice, a live snake, maggots as large as a hand and a giant live spider.


  1. Some injuries he has suffered over the years include crushed shoulders, a sliced finger, broken elbow,


  1. smashed knee, broken toe, dislocated hip and various bites from snakes, bats and scorpions.


  1. Bear Grylls has a black belt in karate.

By Archie (5P)

Stockport Grammar Maths Competition

Some year 5’s went to Stockport Grammar to take part in a maths competition. Unfortunately we did not win but we had great fun. The competition combined reasoning and problem solving skills with physical activity. We had to race other children to get questions and then work in teams to find the answers. Well done to the 8 children who took part.
Miss Pinington and Miss Wood are really proud of you.