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Mrs Rafferty’s Reception class.


Welcome to the Reception class page were you will find lots of information about all the learning that happens in the Reception class.

All the children have settled in well to the daily routine and I am delighted to report that every child has read and returned their reading book to School.

This half term the main focus is developing the children’s social and emotional development.

This Involves helping children to develop a positive sense of themselves, and others; to form positive relationships and develop respect for others; to develop social skills and learn how to manage their feelings; to understand appropriate behaviour in groups; and to have confidence in their own abilities all this links to the terms topic.

The Topic this term is Ourselves

During the topic we will be thinking about what we look like and how we are similar and different. We will be thinking about our families and how families are all different.

The children will be drawing, writing and painting pictures of themselves and using ICT to record and describe themselves.

The children will be reading and sharing lots of books on Ourselves. They will be drawing pictures and we will record the children sharing their family experiences.


In Maths the children will be reading, recognising, counting and sorting numbers to 20 and beyond.

They will be singing maths songs that I will post on the web page below.

We will be learning days of the week and looking at patterns.


In Phonics the children will be learning the Phase 2 Phonics sounds and the phase two key words. These will be sent as homework for the children to practise at home.

We support the Phonics Planning Letters and Sounds by learning the actions to the song for each new letter sound.





Outdoor learning

The children have access to the outdoor area where we develop children’s creative ideas through different role play areas enhanced with quality play equipment.

The outdoor learning gives children the platform to learn and explore through all the areas of the Early Years Foundation stage curriculum.

EYFS areas of learning


Home learning

The children will receive homework on Friday and this should be returned by Wednesday.

 Reading Books

The children will have their books change at least once a week. We ask that children bring in their reading book everyday as they may read with one of the adults in the class on different days.

Books for Enjoyment.

The books are changed on Monday and should be returned on Friday. These books are for you to read with your child and not for the children to read.



Reception Key words

Below are the Phase 2 High frequency words that the children should learn to read.  These will be sent home for homework.

Phase 2 High Frequency Words


Upcoming dates for your diary. To Follow.


Happy Learning from Mrs Rafferty, Mrs Bellis and Mrs Hurst the EYFS team.


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