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We will begin our term by reading ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy which is a lovely story about a bear’s imaginative journey to the moon. The children will make their own space rocket to use in our Role Play area where they can act out going to the moon. The children will also be reading ‘Beegu’ by Alexis Deacon which is a fictional story about an alien lost on earth. We will be using ‘Talk for Writing’ strategies to retell the story and create our own space stories using a story map. The children will be actively encouraged to use their phonics to spell words and begin to say words and sentences out loud in preparation for writing sentences. There will also be a focus on handwriting so that children can practise letter formation of upper and lower case letters.

Practising Spellings at Home

Year 1 Spelling Rules

Please encourage a love of reading at home and use Reading Eggs regularly. (Reading Eggs login details are attached to the Reading Record book. Please ask a member of staff if you have any problems.) We ask that you read with your child as often as possible and sign their reading record a minimum of twice weekly in line with school policy. We will check reading records every Wednesday with homework. We will change their book twice a week only in line with school policy. This is to encourage more depth of comprehension and more fluency practise.Pleases return reading books and records everyday.

Every Monday morning 8.50- 9.20 you are invited to our Reading Morning. Come along and share books with your child and get some ideas about how to read with your child.


This term we will be following the school’s math scheme, Abacus to focus on the following objectives: –
• To count objects up to 20, estimate and count objects up to 30.
• Read and write numbers up to 20.
• To count forwards, backwards and order numbers up to 10.
• Identify 1 more and 1 less.
• Find pairs of numbers that make 5,6 &10 and subitise groups of objects that make 5,6 &10. (Subitising is a term that was coined by the theorist Piaget and defined the ability to instantaneously recognise the number of objects in a small group without the need to count them.)
• Double numbers 1 to 5.
• Identify, name and describe a range of 2D shapes in accordance to their properties.
• Introduce and use Venn Diagrams and Carroll Diagrams.
Please encourage your child to play lots of math games and have a go at TT Rockstars which is a fun way to practise times tables. (TT Rockstars login details are attached to the reading record. Please ask a member of staff if you have any problems.)





The Science topic this term will be’ Identifying Materials.’
In this unit children will identify and name common types of materials including:- wood, metal, plastic, rubber, fur, toweling, nylon, wool, sponge, cotton wool, paper, card, brick, ceramics, rock and some liquids and powdered solids.
They will label, collect and group together objects made from the same material. They will state that different objects can be manufactured from the same materials. They will investigate why some materials are unsuitable for some objects and provide reasons for this.
During the unit children will be working scientifically to investigate the properties of different liquids. They will also investigate which materials are good to wrap and protect a hollow chocolate object being sent through the post.



We will be learning all about Space this term! We will be documenting all the significant events and developments in Space on a class timeline including the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing! We will be making our own aliens out of clay and using a range of media and skills to create lots of space related art for our role play area. The children will be learning about Time Peake, Helen Sharman and Neil Armstrong in a quest to find out what life is really like as an astronaut!


During this term we will be learning all about people who are Christians and finding out about what they believe through stories in the bible. We will also be visiting St Mary’s church for our harvest festival which will take place on Tuesday October 8th at 9.30am. You are welcome to attend.

The children will be learning how to use all the apps on our class I-Pads, learning to login to Reading Eggs and TT Rock stars independently, learning about E-Safety and learning all about algorithms to design their own Space game.

The children will be following the Val Sabin primary PE Curriculum which will focus on, flight, bouncing, jumping and landing with a Space theme in mind!
PE will take place on Wednesdays and Fridays this term.
Please make sure that PE kits are in school every week.

Our school follows a scheme called Jigsaw and this term our Year 1 children will complete a unit called ‘Being me in my world’ which celebrates all the qualities that makes people unique. Children will get lots of opportunities to discuss and share what is good about themselves and how they want to grow in the coming year ahead.

We will be exploring a unit called ‘Hey You!’ using the school’s music scheme, Charanga. We will listen and appraise a range of Hip Hop songs such as:- Hey You! by Joanna Mangona, Me, Myself And I by De La Soul, Fresh Prince Of Bel Air by Will Smith and It’s Like That by Run DMC. They will also play a range of games to find the pulse, rhythm and pace using their voices and either use recorders or glockenspiels to accompany a piece of music.

In Year 1 homework is given on a Friday and expected back every Wednesday. Children will receive either a maths or a reading task based on what we’ve been learning in class and they will choose a piece from the Space homework menu. Click on the link here for a copy of the homework which is also stuck in children’s Homework Book.

Children are encouraged to be as creative as they wish and can choose how to present their homework so if they have published something using an iPad, tablet or computer please email it to us!

Click on the link here for a copy of the  homework which is also stuck in children’s Homework Book. Find a Homework Help Pack on the Class Page of the School website or pick up a pack from your child’s teacher at school.

F.A.O. Mrs. Ethell or Miss. Richards to admin@corrie.tameside.sch.uk

Don’t forget that your homework and reading are monitored as part of your Assertive Mentoring profile.

On time by Wednesday – GREEN

Late by Friday – YELLOW

No homework or reading completed – RED

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