Transition Project for years 5 – 8

Y5-8 Continuity

The project aims to improve communication between Key Stages 2

and 3 by taking an aspect of the mathematics curriculum or a

pedagogical approach as the focus for the work.

Teachers from different phases work together collaboratively to

develop a consistent approach to their chosen aspect through discussion,

joint lesson design and delivery, observation and the development of

documentation to support continuity. As a result, channels of communication are established and there is an increased focus on curriculum and pedagogical continuity at key transition points which supports children as they move from KS2 to KS3.

Target Audience

The participants will be a mix of teachers from secondary schools and primary schools, ideally where the schools are linked locally.

Maximum 2 participants per school. 

Event Timings

Day 1 – 13th January (9.30am to 3.00pm)

Day 2 – 27th April (9.30am to 3.00pm)

Day 3 – 15th June (9.30am to 3.00pm)

Booking details and Additional Info:

All sessions will take place at Greenfield Primary School, Hyde

For further information and to book your place click here


Stone Age girl by Emily

I was hunting for Dears and I found a purple gloomy portole and I stepped into it I ended up in a curious place I walked and then I found a boy I came .up to him I’d never seen him before but he grabbed my hand the boy took me to meet his family and I new his name his name was.Oliver when it was the next day I went to this school place and when it was break time we went on a climbing thing and I kept jumping of it .but there was a .sores under it Oliver gave me a friend ship necklace when it was home time we went to this football place we had to kick a ball and Oliver past the ball to me and I kikked the ball in the net.and Oliver kikked the ball at me and I passed out and everything was dark and when I woke up I was in my tent and I went outside and told my family but nobody believed me hmm I said maybe it was just a dream or maybe not I still had the friend ship necklace.


Stone Age girl by Zoha

Finally I got out of the vehicle and looked around  I coulden’t believe it I was flabbergasted .Then I followed Max to the facepainting it was exciting I couldn’t wait I wanted a Lepord facepaint .After that Max and I went to buy cottencandy itwas so sweet and surgery!Next we went on a roller couster I felt sick but it was fun,next we went to a race and I WON!!!

Stone Age boy by Tilly

An interesting thing once happen to me. I was hunting in the magical woods and I saw a glowing light in the disternst so I walked slowly to it.When I got there I saw a stange shape in the ground.I opened it carefully and I plummeted into a weird tunnel and I went down,down,down.I saw a boy but he had some cool coloured things on his eyes and behind me I saw lots of rectangles going upward and it had a huge black thing’s on the huge thing I saw.I couldn’t tell what it was?He took me into his house.

Stone Age Girl by Summer

I saw this  box thing zooming to words me I  tried to go past it but it was to Late…I fell down a a enormous  black hole. A few hours  later l woke up and found my self back at the Stone Age .l was playing for a few hours with jack out side we were playing hid and seek.l looked and Looked but I couldn’t find him .But then in the distance l found him in a bush.

Stone Age girl by Aurora

A fascinating thing happened to me I was digging in the woods for smooth stone. Until I saw something unusual it had a shiny light and some purple swerls.I stepped into it.It looks like well I don’t know.People I never saw before with the silly round things.

Stone Age Girl by Kyle

I woke up back home.I rushed to my family and told them everything.Nobody belived me.Then I remembered something was sparkling inside my pocket.Maybe I just dreamed about it.Maybe I didn’t dream about it.

Stone Age gir by Freya

A brilliant thing happened to me.l was sleeping in my tent then a magical wormhole sucked me in as quick as a flash! I had time traveled  into the future!Everything looked strange. I saw a boy who had something around his head,and  around his neck.