Fact file about Hollywood Aimee 6L

Hollywood is a neighbourhood in Los Angeles, California , most famous for its iconic film industry and studio.In 1886, when it was only an agricultural community, a real estate developer on his honeymoon, named H.J. Whitley, stood atop the hill in Hollywood looking over the valley. A Chinese man hauling wood passed by and Whitley asked him what he was doing. When the man, because of his  accent, replied, “holly-wood”, Whitley was inspired to to name the area Hollywood. Whitley’s town grew and in 1903 it became a municipality. In the early 1900s filmmakers began  to make movies in Los Angeles, and in 1910 Hollywood merged with Los Angeles. It’s first industry grew Hollywood gained the name Tinseltown, and today it is known as the most famous film industry center in the world.


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