Safe squad By Bluebelle in 6L

This morning we went to Safe Squad.

Digital safety

We learnt about how to keep safe on the internet and how people slowly groom you what I mean by this is the first step is people start doing nice stuff to you and saying nice things to make you friends.

Step two people start asking you for pictures of you and sometimes you don’t want to take pictures of where the say if this happens tell a trusted adult.

Step three they start giving you presents and they might even take them away from you.

The last step is they start to abuse you this can be by kicking,hitting,punching or it can be verbally .


Antisocial behaviour

Antisocial behaviour can sometimes include hate crimes this means you shout abuse or you phiscally hurt you.

This is also part of bullying and disrespect.




Homophobic  language

Homophobic language can be you calling someone gay or lesbian this means that you like a girl or a boy.




We learnt about hazards and how things set on fire and if there is a fire and don’t put a mattress through the window for a soft landing just put some cushions out of it.



We learnt how to do the recovery position and how to do CPR on a dummy and ask them if they are ok and if they don’t awnser phone 999.

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