Safe Squad by Honey 6L

Early this morning, Y6 went to a place called Safe Squad in Hyde. We learnt about digital safety and voting on what social media you have and what you do on it. Then we watched this YouTube video off a school girl seeing the dangers of it. It showed the street name and the number of her house. She was wearing her school uniform so strangers who watched the video would know what school she goes to. Then we read the comments and most of them were nasty. After that, we watched another video that a man picked a girl to hang out with and he gave her lots of presents but then he got very abusive and took all the presents away, that was called grooming.  Afterwards we watched another video that included a boy that was playing a game that was not age appropriate. He met a boy on this game and the boy that was playing with him told him to take a picture of himself with his top off and send it to him. He blackmailed him and told him he hand to send him another one or he would show the whole internet. Straight after that, we watched people in the hall. A schoolboy stole sweets out of a shop window he gave some to Y6. The owner of the shop came out and a used him of stealing the sweets. He said he didn’t take them and Y6 took them we didn’t. Then we watched one where a schoolgirl had no mates but she made a mate who had anti-social behaviour. The other one was where she couldn’t get inside her house because she lost her key. She called 999 but didn’t need to. Then we went into a bedroom with lots of hazards to make a fire. She left her iron, hair straighteners, hair dryer on, on her bed. Also, she covered her heaters and her phone wire was  broken that could give her electrical shock. Then we went into the next room which we were learning about CPR. We learnt the position we should put people in if the were in this situation. The we tested CPR on a doll in 4 steps.

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