Safe Squad by Jessica 6L

This morning Year 6 went to Safe Squad in Hyde . We learnt about all the dangers that might occur these days and especially going in to High School . First we learnt about the dangers in internet and did a quiz all about it , after that we went to a couple of scenes where actors performed all about Anti-social behaviour around the streets they talked about stealing , the dangers being on our own , bullying , disrespect and homophobic language. Then my class were split up into 2 different groups and  one talked about spotting the danger hazards that could make a fire in a bedroom it was amazing how many things could cause a fire ,thenthey other group was all about CPR and learning that if someone faints how to help them and turn them over safely without hurting us or them. Year 6 had an amazing time and we learnt so much and loved going it was a very fun and serious experience.


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