Safe squad by kaci-lea 6L

This morning year 6 went to Safe Squad. First,were learning about how to stay safe on the internet, we had to vote on which was the most appropriate answer for our questions. We used a remote to vote on our final answers.This is known as digital safety.Next,we went on to anti-social behaviour. We watched three different parts of a play showing us how and why you should never  call anybody names. Also this stands for making people do things we they don’t want to do it.You should never ever call the police when it’s not a serious problem. This can cause car crashes, accidents and also causing a person’s  death. After that, we went to practice how to save anybody’s life. You should always listen to see if the person is breathing first then you should call 999 if they are not breathing , you need to carefully push down on that person’s body that’s known as CPR.Last we moved on to hazards in the bed room you should never leave anything plugged in over night. If the is a fire never throw a mattress out of the window because you would get trapped in and the firemen will not be able to get in throw out pillows and soft blankets.

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